One of the best things about getting a “tad” older is being able to watch your best friends’ children grow into amazing adults. I’ve had that privilege with my newest contributor and she has always been about all things creative.

I am so excited to welcome her and share her fun and easy projects. My one request was to make sure these will be things we can all do with limited time and budget. Yes, she’s bringing us projects that even those of us who are crafting impaired can master. This is such a project and it’s PERFECT to do with the kids.

Take it away, girl.

Hi!! I am Megan. I am a lover of all things handmade, a collector of beautiful paper, buttons, glitter and other pretty tiny shiny things. I live in Charlotte, North Carolina and I spend my time crafting, adventuring and being a full time nanny to 4 kids!

One of my very favorite Christmas traditions is wrapping gifts.

I know, it isn’t on the top of everyone’s list but hopefully, we can encourage you to get creative and have fun with it this year!

Here is the secret: KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Brown Craft  Paper will be your best friend, plus any ribbon that has almost reached the end of the roll and maybe even some of your kids’ favorite art supplies!!

On this project I had one of the littles helping me. He is only 3 so I thought paint may get too messy, but after searching through the art box I found these .Dot Art Marker.

As a nanny, I use any opportunity I have to get help from the kids, it is always more fun, more unique and much more meaningful.

Y’all, they rock! No mess, no brush, absolutely NO clean up, plus they are easy for little hands to manage. We went crazy, made a Christmas tree, worked on patterns and went wild or in scholastic terms,  “abstract.”

It made for a fun afternoon and now our gifts will be truly one of a kind!

If you don’t have any markers, you can find them here – Do A Dot Art Marker Rainbow 6-pack

Seriously? Isn’t that so fun?

The bonus? Hours of free time for mom, while the kids have a blast creating.

When I saw Gina’s house tour and this simply wrapped present, it gave me tons of inspiration for this craft on even an adult level. – Jen