I am so happy to have one of my sweet friends and amazingly talented friends, Jennifer, from StudioJRU add to our repertoire of ideas for Kids’ Boredom Busters. Although as I looked over what Jennifer has done for us, why limit this to a kids craft? We could all have fun with this project.  Check out Jennifer’s site, and be inspired.

I was so happy when Jen asked me to be here today to share a fun project! When I am cleaning up my painting palettes, I always notice how ‘clingy’ the dried paint is. It sticks to everything! So I thought, why not use this idea as a fun and intentional project?!

You need just a few materials for you and your kiddos to do this project.

Page protectors
Print outs (optional)
Plastic bag
Paint brush
Old lid or other paint palette
Craft paint (the cheap kind)
Glitter, small beads, makers (optional)
A little patience for drying.

You can use these PDF images to print out and use as patterns to paint over. You can also just have your children paint their own shapes. To print, simply click on the image and you will be given the option to save or print PDF file.

arrows - heart - star from StudioJRU


quote bubbles from StudioJRU


If you printed the patterns, slide the page into the page protector. You can tape the page protector down if it would help.

There is two ways you can do this. For this option, pour decoupage and paint onto a plastic lid or other painting surface. I used a 2 part paint to 1 part decoupage ratio. The decoupage gives the paint more of a plastic-e finish. You can clean decoupage and craft paint while wet with soup and water. 🙂

Next paint onto the page protector with your decoupage and craft paint mixture.

Window Clings Tutorial from StudioJRU 3

While the mixture is still wet, you can add glitter or beads right into the paint. Let sit to dry… a few hours to overnight. This is where the patience comes in. 🙂 The thicker of a paint layer you can get, the easier it will be to work with. When it is too thin, it can stretch out of shape and can tear when you try to pull it up.

Window Clings Tutorial from StudioJRU 4

The second option is to pour your 2 parts craft paint and 1 part decoupage right into a plastic bag. Mix it up in the bottom of your bag.

Window Clings Tutorial from StudioJRU 5

Cut the tip off of the bag and squeeze the paint onto the page protector.

Window Clings Tutorial from StudioJRU 6

This option gives you a smoother finished window cling, but it does take overnight to dry.

Window Clings Tutorial from StudioJRU 7

Once dry, you can write on the quote bubbles or decorate the shapes with markers.

Window Clings Tutorial from StudioJRU 8

Carefully get a corner of the design pried up from the plastic, it will then peel right off. If you want to make your own shapes, you can also cut shapes out after you peel them up. Then stick them onto your windows!

They also stick nicely on mirrors. What a sweet way to leave messages around the house!

Window Clings Tutorial from StudioJRU 10

I hope you have fun with this project and I hope you have many happy decorated windows in your future!

By Jennifer, StudioJRU