As I have shared unabashedly, I am a crafter copycat. That’s right, this blog world here has made me into a complete thief, and am I proud of it.
Yet, I still do have those moments where the creative juices whirl and all those originally suppressed designer emotions come rushing to the surface.
This is one of those times. Yes, ladies, I have done it.
It is with much joy and excitement that I share a creative brainstorm, something that I can Show and Tell.Something that I didn’t steal from another blog. So, if by chance you have already done something like this, and therefore, probably better than I, it’s ok, I am a big girl. I can handle it, and really want to see it.

You see this brainstorm is only the tip of the iceberg. What I am posting took two minutes of drawer digging. (And ten minutes trying to figure out how to take pictures of candlelight on this fancy camera. I still can’t figure that out…sigh). Anyhow, once you delicious, designer delights get your hands on this idea, it will be so fun to see what you do with it.
Ladies…it’s free….and beautiful!
So here goes.
We all have those unmatched stem glasses
that we aren’t quite sure what to do with, right?
(I guess I am making an assumption that people hang onto things like I do…hmm….this could be a wrong assumption. 🙂
Well, for those of you who haven’t quite brought the unmatched ones to Good will yet, get them out.
Examine them, and see what you have to work with –
sizes, shapes, width of the stemware etc.

Turn those glasses over….. and start having some fun.
What candles do you have laying around?
Pumpkins, gourds, pinecones?

White votives work…..
Or maybe a combination of fall colored candles might be better?

I am trying to stick with the fall theme, and can you believe my entire box of fall decorations are still in my attic? Yep, it’s been one of those months, so I went with what I had on hand in the kitchen. (I am heading up to get my boxes out tomorrow, and then I will have LOTS of fun with this.)
Depending on the size of the cup, you could put decorative leaves underneath, small acorns/pine cones…anything that you might have in your apothecary jars right now.
Yep, you guessed it.
We had candy corn in ours….oh, and did I mention that I got it FREE at CVS…ladies, I am just sayin’ 🙂
Since my mantel is dusty, and I didn’t want to waste all of our precious candy corn before I could refill my jars, I just put in a few for effect. When I buy some more, I will fill the cups almost to the top – too cute.

I am just playing around with the different glasses, and heights.
I think the pumpkin is a fun variation.
Can you see the potential for varying themes over the different holidays?
I obviously wouldn’t keep the arrangement like this since it’s off balance, but I want you to have fun “playing with me.” What works, what doesn’t?

For Christmas, I can envision holly berries or peppermint candies under the glasses.
Valentine’s Day.…hearts, red candles, red beads…..oh, I could go on for hours.
On a dining room table, a simply elegant look would be all white candles on larger stemmed glasses with varying sizes. Arranging these on mirrors with glass beads underneath would illuminate the candlelight in a magical way.
Oh yippee – I am trying this tomorrow for dinner and I will let you know.
Prime Rib, anyone?
The Nester has us all looking at plates in a new way, so why not stemware? The wheels are turning now, can’t wait to hear some of your ideas.
Thanks for letting me have fun with my thrifty new decorating discovery. I hope you enjoy it and have lots of brainstorms as well.
And just to keep the real life balance of beauty and bedlam in perspective….
this if for those of you who ask how I do it all.
This is what I should have been doing while I was taking those pictures –
working on climbing laundry mountain, and sorting clothes for Good Will.
Oh, but wait….if I am showing my bedlam, then just pick up the laundry on the coach and look what’s hiding underneath. A few yard sale finds….the cutest designer purse ever, and some uber cool Kenneth Cole boots. Brand spanking new. Oh yea…I am a styling momma. And just wait till my designer duds on a dime post…hee hee… then I’ll let you know how much I paid. And what they were retail ( I googled them, yep, I did).
Don’t think for a minute I paid $10 for them…not me. 🙂
(edited to add: I am laughing because I totally forgot this laundry mess was in here for my Show and Tell post…oops. Well, nice to meet you, just keeping it real. xoxo)