flower covered basket

DIY Easter Basket Ideas, Easter Basket Craft and Easter Basket Gifts

Many of us have an abundance of baskets stashed in the depths of our closets;  holding onto them for that perfect use. Well, let’s pull them out, avoid the last minute Easter rush to the store, and enjoy a little easy, DIY Easter Basket craft creativity.  This Easter Basket ideas will work with any basket, but if you don’t have one laying around, hit your local thrift store or yard sale this weekend. Baskets multiply quicker than bunnies this time of year.
Have fun and let your imagination go – shop your house first for any craft supplies you have on hand – flowers, fabrics, beads, fake jewels or even twigs. This Pottery Barn basket gives great inspiration for what can be done if you shop your yard. I haven’t bought an Easter basket for years because turning my trash into treasure has been a delight.

twig easter basket

Remember, if you don’t like the color that may show through, the get your $1 spray paint and take two minutes to spray paint not only the basket, but the cheap Dollar Store plastic eggs as well. Choose something elegant like gold or match your Easter decor like I did with turquoise. Spray painting the basket first takes any concern about covering the entire basket with fabric or flowers. I love changing up baskets with spray paint. It’s instant magic. 🙂


Flowered Easter Baskets
Tools and Materials:

  • 5- or 6-inch diameter woven basket
  • 1/2 yard silk or satin fabric
  • Hot glue gun
  • Seam binding or ribbon
  • Artificial flowers or leaves (about 60)

Remember: there is no right or wrong way to decorate your basket. Just have fun with the power of the hot glue gun. 🙂

  1. Cut satin or silk fabric into a circle with a diameter 3x that of the basket; line the inside of the basket with the fabric, tucking and gluing into place.
  2. Hot glue a length of seam binding or ribbon at one handle end; wrap the handle with the seam binding, and affix with hot glue at the other end.
  3. Remove stems from the flowers.
  • Hot glue the buds or leaves onto the basket, covering the entire surface. (When gluing leaves, work from the top of the basket downwards.).