Carve the turkey, make the pie, watch football, hit the Black Friday sales…

For most of us, all of those key ingredients make up our Thanksgiving weekend, but this year, why not add in some engagement that doesn’t normally occur around the family table? Let’s really make our moments matter.

Engaging in meaningful family discussions around the table is one of the things with which I am passionate. Yet I understand that often the busy aspects of life stand in the way of making that happen.

Around Thanksgiving time, many families spend their time focuses on the TV, sales and football.  We do some of that as well, but we also slow down and have a blast engaging in meaningful conversation.

Don’t let this Thanksgiving get by with out learning a bit more about your Family Story.

See what we did last year in “Do you know your family’s story?” Find out how we intentionally used our family time to make a generational difference by engaging in meaningful family discussion.

 Traditions   Do you know your familys story?

Here are some Discussion starters to help your family mealtime. I know this will be one of your best Thanksgiving meals ever.

Remember, it’s not just about perfect food; it’s about family, friends, and wonderful conversations.

So, get to know them better by picking just a few discussion starters to get the ball rolling. You may cut these up and pass them out. Why not share that you are going to do something a bit different during dessert and give this a try.

After I wrote this post, I saw the need to take our dinner time tradition to the next level and share it with you.

The result?

A free Conversation Starters Gift for you.

Click on over to that blog post and receive 240 dinner time questions with free printables so that you can make your own special gift for someone else.

Free Printable with over 250 Conversation Starter questions