Recently, I received an email from one of my readers saying that she had secured a finalist position for a recipe contest she entered via my blog. At first, I thought it was spam, since the email subject header screamed in capital letters, “Jen, what have you gotten me into?” Though I typically delete emails I suspect are questionable, curiosity got the best of me, and I opened it.
After she expressed her complete shock about receiving this honor, she shared her understandable terror of having to cook in front of not just a few people, but actual judges. She desired my “coaching,” but I think I may have failed her. I claimed the No. 1 cheerleader role, but I didn’t offer quality and strategic coaching besides just, “share your story.” Admittedly, live cooking as a competition is not my forte.
Last week, I told you about the new “Kitchen Cookoff” competition that will be featured on MSN and Delish beginning in November. While I am not a contestant, a front row seat calls my name as I write one post each month about this head-to-head competition sponsored by Hillshire Farm.
Each episode features two contestants pitting recipes against each other. A unique aspect that excites me includes not just learning the nuts and bolts of each recipe, but hearing the contestants’ stories and traditions behind those recipes.
You all know how I love incorporating traditions into meal time. I can’t wait to get up close and personal with the ins and outs of how this reality cooking competition plays out. I’m going to be learning right along with you, and I can’t wait to take you on this journey with me. One thing I do know is that if any of you need recipe coaching next year at this time, I just might be your lady to call.
How would you react if you had to cook in front of a live audience?
Can you engage in conversation and cook at the same time, or are you one who needs to concentrate while you prepare a meal?
(I admit, as comfortable as I am on camera, the conversation would not be a problem. But I get a nervous tummy just thinking of cooking in front of an audience.)

Stay tuned for my continued 31 Days post on entrepreneurship. My apologies for postponing it.