Globes are such a wonderful way to decorate on a budget. Lots of wonderful inspiration.

Last weekend, I had the joy of sneaking away for a few days to the beautiful beaches of Tybee Island. Located right across the bridge from Savannah, it’s a feast for the eyes, truly.

And if you assume that the eye candy was contained to the great outdoors, think again. As I walked through the first of the many, gorgeous, Vintage Mermaid Cottages that my friends and I were staying in, I gasped.

I know I’ve shared my love of all things Mason Jars, but have I told you just how much I love decorating with globes?

Decorating with globes around the house

For decades of thrifting, I walked right by those beautiful finds. Not any more. I snatch them up for a few dollars (and hope to have built ins for which to use them soon.)

I love how they add beautiful pops of color against white walls, but also set a tone for a room. Isn’t this just breath taking?

Built in the late 1800’s, Whitecaps is the cottage I stayed in and the architectural details are breathtaking.

Can you see those ceilings? I just wanted to gaze at them all day and the accent of the globes on the top shelves is brilliant. (Beth captured a perfect angle that my camera could not.)

I love the pops of color from these globes against the white walls

My desire with these pictures to re-enforce the decorating on a dime philosophy. There are certain statement pieces within our home that we should definitely invest in like a great sofa that will last for years or beautiful new handscraped floors, but there are also ways to update and refresh our homes with a thrift store budget.

Clusters of globes make a statement.

Vintage Decor with globe accents

In this Mermaid Cottage, a simple wooden shelf with great, vintage accents made this corny extra cozy.

The pairing of these yellow filing cabinets,  wall art and globes are perfect. In Country Living, homeowner, Heather, spray painted three separate filing cabinets and topped them with plywood. Brilliant!!

Globe as light fixture

The editor of House and Home showcases her vintage globe as a light fixture.

Can I tell you how seeing this picture made me mourn the loss of what could have been? Yes, last year when I was searching for globes right before throwing my niece’s baby shower, I saw this exact globe at a yard sale. Since I was on the hunt for bright, fun globes to decorate a “Welcome to the World” theme, I passed on the  fixture because the price was a little high for my thrifting mentality of the day. Now, I SO regret passing up that unique find. <sigh>

How to DecorateFound in Suzanne Kasler’s book: Timeless Style

I love decorating with white as a back drop, but only to highlight bright pops of color. I’ve never been good at using taupes, browns etc but when I see it in other homes, I think, “Hmm, maybe I should give that a try.”

In a great interview by Ballard Designs, they asked designer Suzanne Kasler about her signature style of decorating with neutral pallets and whites.

White is my basic building block. I use it in design and architectural details. You can create a real statement by strategically mixing white with color. I also incorporate ivories, creams and taupes with subtle variations. When done right, neutral rooms are anything but boring.

Again, more inspiration for my built in bookshelves. I just love everything about this look.

Love stacking suitcases and globes for entry way

Last year, I came across a red, vintage suitcase. I have used that for some home decorating elements, that when I saw this picture, I knew someone else would love it as much as I do.

Isn’t that an amazing way to create a unique travel vignette for the entry way? Check out the tutorial she shared for turning a picture frame into a bulletin board at the locker.  This is just adorable!

My sweet friend and roomie, Rhoda from Southern Hospitality, loves globes as much as I do. She captured this picture during our stay at Tybee (check out all her pictures).

Are you sensing a theme for bookshelves? Sometimes open shelving is incredibly difficult to style. If you’ve arranged your shelves the same way for years, maybe start looking for a few globes to dress it up.

Inrl pic

Sometimes my real life gets in the way of my great blog posts. 🙂 I couldn’t wait to show you my Welcome to the World party decor, but can you even believe that I embraced the moment of getting ready for the shower and didn’t even get one picture before it started? I can’t even believe that!!

Here’s some easy party inspiration though from my ladies (in)courage Inrl gathering that I hosted.

I went with the “World” theme again. It’s so easy to pull together, especially last minute.

Easy Decorating with globes

I wasn’t able to get any pictures with the table all fancied up for the party, so imagine a few more fun elements on the table, but it’s happy, easy and inexpensive.

Price Breakdown of the table setting:

  • Red, Vintage Suitcase ($2 – yard sale) I used the suitcase to put party favors and giveaways that I had for the ladies.
  • Shutters – $5 thrift store
  • Relax word decor – $1 yard sale
  • Yellow tablecloth – $1 yard sale
  • Green Stand – $3. It was black originally and we painted it this fun green.
  • Globe – $3

And yes, even the striped storage container tucked under the table holding more giveaways was from a yard sale. 🙂

welcome to the world

Here is the perfect example that hosting doesn’t have to be about perfection, just about gathering together over good food, conversation and sharing life with one another.

So hopefully, sharing my love of all things globes has inspired you to find a little corner of your own home and bring the world in. 🙂

Have you ever decorated with globes?

I’d love to hear how you’ve incorporated them or better yet, send me a picture and I’ll add it into this post for more inspiration to share.