For months, I have had the epitome of frugal decorating fun sitting patiently in my attic.
It has been whispering, “Jen, just take me out to play for a few minutes. Please, you won’t regret it.”
So I finally paid heed to the voice and had a blast.

This little wonder paint allows you to actually buy those ugly trinkets that most people can’t give away at yard sales, and then turn them into priceless works of art. Well, not quite… but almost.

Take this silver plated mirror I bought for $0.25. The kind your grandma had sitting around collecting dust. I polished it, taped it, primed the actual mirror with cheap Walmart spray paint, and then painted the area where I wanted the chalk board.


It took minutes to do the actual work, and was SO EASY!
Decorating on a dime (or two) at its finest.
It was the drying time and all the patience in that process that was the most difficult. I am now deciding where to put it. It definitely won’t go in this holder, but it worked well for the drying process.

Maybe here, but it’s a bit smooshed…
My plan is to use this every time we have guests spend the night. It will be on the guest bed with other goodies that I leave on the pillow.
My second project was a larger tray. Yes, we’ve all given these to Good Will, haven’t we?
I actually had to re-buy one at a yard sale, but at $0.50. it was a done deal. Think outside the box. I now hunt for cheap, ugly things. 🙂

I decided to paint this all white. Same process as above, but I primed the entire tray before applying the chalk board paint.

I am going to use this as my menu display. It will be a good reminder that I need to cook if it hasn’t changed in…um…days/weeks. 🙂

Yes, the beautiful outlet that was placed over the stove , most likely for a microwave, is a definite decorating detriment. I am only cover it up so much. Since I just finished this project today, I haven’t added any more accents. I will probably hang a few decorative plates on each side.
Again, this project took minutes and the total cost was UNDER $1.

My last painting project of the day was to add a dash of creativity to my pantry doors. I have thought about painting them a bold color, and I may still, but I decided to have some fun that I knew the kids would enjoy. For now, I am only doing the middle panels, but I may go back and do the rest. I’m going to play with it first.

Painting tip? Always prime your area first with inexpensive primer to save money on the chalk board paint. I thought I could get away with out priming, but had to go over one side 4 times, as opposed to the two times with the primer.

My daughter wrote a sweet bible verse on one side and I decided to begin my grocery list.
Minutes later I came downstairs and so that an addition had been made to my “must buy” list.
Can you guess what that “necessity” could be? I chuckled so hard when my son stated, ” I did it just like your hand writing so that when you went shopping, you’d just buy it.”

Yes, my kids are the “only” children in America that don’t have any kind of gaming system, nor will they ever. He can vicariously live through his shopping list. Such a mean mom I am. 🙂

I am SO thrilled that I took a few minutes out of my day to let me new friend come out and play. And guess what? He is going to play a LOT more since I have so much paint left. But those surprises will have to wait.

Go have your self some ‘decorating on a dime’ fun with chalk board paint. You won’t regret it!