As the door screeched open, my feet met muddy water. Having been gone all day, exhaustion hit. I entered my haven, anticipating my place of refuge, yet on entry to that supposed respite from the frantic world, mud greeted me. I took a few steps further, and I stumbled over 25 pairs of unmatched shoes. They had been thrown off a shelf in an attempt to move the broken washer.

Dare I walk further?

Loads and loads of laundry waited patiently, peeking over the top of the sofa. The dogs feasted on remnants of a full garbage, a chore not checked off by the one asked, and dinner was non existence as five voices echoed, “What for dinner, Mom?”

“Seriously? You are honestly asking me that as I walk into a total disaster?”

Sometimes my days, no, my weeks, seem to elicit a bit more bedlam than the beauty I desire, so when Mucinex® Sinus-MaxTM approached me the day after the above scenario occurred wanting me to share some tips to keeping a clear head while balancing a hectic schedule, I chuckled. It was either chuckle, or cry.

Yes, I balance a very hectic schedule.

With five children, homeschooling, a full time work at home job, volunteering, ministry etc., sometimes I wonder how I balance it all well, and then I remember, I don’t.

I don’t do it all well, all the time. On any given day, something gives.

That is the best piece of encouragement that I can give on the topic of balance: no one balances a hectic, crazy schedule well at all times, but with an extra measure of patience, we take baby steps each and every day.

Just like I give tips on balancing ones budget where I encourage each dollar to have a specific job, the same can be said for our time management. We need to give all of our responsibilities a role, but unfortunately, there are only so many hours of the day.

Some days, I meal plan well. Other days, my kids wonder how I ever blog on recipes and wonder if I’ll ever cook again.
Some days, I contemplate and execute creative activities with my children, and ponder when they’ll start awarding me “Mom of the Year” trophies. Other days, the TV captures their full attention for too many hours, and it’s the “babysitter” I declared I’d never use.

Some days, I would not care if company pops in unannounced because my house is picked up. Most days, it’s not.

So how do I truly keep a clear head in the midst of a crazy schedule?

(Embracing the “little things” and enjoying PJ Day right along with my daughter)

I take a deep breath and remember that it’s the little things that are the big things. I embrace those little things – those things that truly matter, that make memories, that give our children the solid foundation of a secure home life, and then I give myself grace for all which falls through the cracks. (Much more than I care to admit.)

I attempt to get better organized, to declutter, to delegate and a whole host of things I know that I should do to keep my schedule on track, but in the long run, I remember that no one else can be the mom to my kids that I can. No one else can love my husband like me, and they have been entrusted to me for such a short time, I want to savor them.

Yes, the days are long, but the years are short.

Years from now, I just want my family to remember our time together and how much they love being with me, not how well I “did it” all: what ever “it” is.

How do you deal with your schedule? Do you have ideas, tips or encouragement for making beauty from the bedlam?