I have had so many questions about my last posts on how to benefit from the CVS system. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to attack this tutorial in written form, so my sons gave me a great idea – make a video. I didn’t even know we could do that.
It pays to have teens in the house. I only had to talk for a few minutes, and my son did the rest.

I did this very spontaneously Friday evening when I walked in the door from shopping.
I didn’t think through how best to explain the CVS process in its entirety, so I will try and give an updated post with any questions that might arise.

My best advice with CVS – go Sunday and start small with just a few items.

Also, please adhere to coupon policy and do not take advantage of the system. You can find store policies for any stores on their sites since each store policy is a bit different.

I highly recommend you take a minute to register your CVS card below.
Sign up for CVS coupons, and see locations.
They will send you additional coupons, and deals, as well as keep track of the extra bucks that you earn. For those of us who have a hard time keeping organized (ME!!), you may print off the extra bucks from your account if you lose them before the expiration date. This is a tip most people do not know and it’s worth it’s weight in gold (or extra bucks. 🙂

Once you begin shopping regularly at CVS, you will also receive coupons at the bottom of your receipt for $3 off a $15 purchase. That is in addition to your extra bucks. I think I call them Care bucks on the video. Either way – they are free store dollars to spend in CVS. I have gotten this additional coupon every time I shop for the last few weeks. It’s awesome!!
Go this weekend and get the free or nearly free items to gain your confidence and figure out how the system works.

Walgreens/Rite Aid have similar systems, but master one store and the rest of the systems will fall in place.

My apologies for the lack of intro, and the abrupt ending. We realized that we can’t edit, and I certainly wasn’t going to do it again….this was a “one take” video. I had planned on showing the HUGE amounts of Hershey’s chocolate that I got for $1.25 a bag….
Check out the coupons that I have linked to after the video.