Adorable DIY Watermelon Wrapping Paper tutorial

As a child, one of my favorite aunts always used newspaper print to wrap my birthday presents, adorned with her signature magic marker calligraphy. I thought it was fun, quirky, and definitely unique to my aunt.

As I grew up, my brothers assured me it was because she was “cheap,” but I didn’t see it that way. I thought it was special and her creativity carved a spot in my heart.

Beautifully wrapped presents are a love language all their own. I wish it was something I took more time to do, but often, I am grabbing for any gift bag stuffed in a closet. I have high hopes of finally mastering the big, fabric gift bows that I always admire, but I realize that most often beautiful presents can be created by simply using what you have on hand. We don’t need to spend a lot of extra money on supplies and they don’t have to take a lot of time to make a huge impact. These cute DIY summer gift wrapping ideas are a perfect example of shopping the house. I just love this adorable Watermelon gift wrap.

Isn’t it perfect for a summer party or shower? You can even use a roll of paper to create a coordinating table runner.

Dress up your package in these adorable DIY gift wrap ideas.

This adorable ice cream topper would be perfect for so many things and what I love about the striped red and white paper is you can create that in minutes with things that you already have in your drawers.

Adorable Summer Gfit Wrapping Ideas

Do these cute DIY gift wrapping ideas get your creative juices flowing?

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