Are you having fun with our 30 Days – 30 Ways Hair Challenge?

Remember, the goal is not  necessarily to be “Red Carpet Ready” every day, but just to encourage ourselves to get out of our rut. I find that when I take a few minutes for myself, and re-focus spiritually, mentally and yes, physically, it can change my whole day’s outlook.

Today’s fun hair style challenge look is from my friend Sara, so it’s now called “The Sara”. Every time I see Sara at events, I am drawn to her unique style. This look has become her signature hair style in my opinion, and I always thought it was a hair-do that would take forever to style.

Imagine my surprise when she shared her secret. Yes, a secret hair style that makes you look Red Carpet Ready, but one which anyone can do. 🙂 This will work on long hair, but it will look great on those with shorter hair as well. As long as you can curl it and pull it back at all, this will work for you. You will just need to adjust the bun if your hair is shorter.

The key to this style is all in the curls. Curl well and then do NOT brush it out.

1.  Brush your hair well before you take your shower as you can’t brush it when it’s wet if you’re doing this style.
After your shower, squeeze extra water out of your hair by scrunching it from the bottom. (Pic 1 with wet hair.)
2. Dry your hair with a diffuser to enhance the natural volume. (Pic 2 is after drying with diffuser.)
3. Use a curling iron (I use a 1/2″) to curl sections of the top layer of your hair only, and spray well to hold curl. Curl into sections all around your head. (Pic 3 is after curling.)
4. Gather your hair into a pony tail, and twist it into a bun. Use a hair band to secure it initially. Then use 4-6 bobby pins to make sure it’s nice and secure. (Pic 4 is after I’ve pulled it into a bun.)

I can’t wait to try this look. Honestly, if you see it in person, it looks as if each piece of hair was twisted in some special way. When she first told me that all she did was use a good hot curling iron and pull it back, it was truly an eye opening hair moment. 😉

Yes, I appreciate the simple things.

How have you been going on our Hair Challenge? Have you tried any new styles?