With basketball season in full gear, the crock pot has been getting an extra workout. It’s always such a challenge to get meals on the table during this time of year because practices and games fall right during the dinner hour and I do not want the drive-through to be our home away from home.

Often, we get tired of my same “go to” meals and when that occurs, I try and kick up my ingredients just a notch. This Crock pot Angel Chicken pasta is definitely one of those recipes that does just that. This recipe has been around forever and is one of those gems from the old church cook books. It’s versatile in that you can add mushrooms or sauteed onions and garlic for a little gourmet touch. The sauce adds a wonderful depth of flavor that you wouldn’t expect from something that begins with a condensed soup, and therefore it’s also a great and easy choice for company served over pasta or rice.

I’ll admit. This picture doesn’t do this meal justice. In fact, this recipe has been sitting in my 10 Minute Dinners drafts for well over a year waiting for a new Pinterest worthy picture, complete with the nice little garnishes on top to make the sauce look less “brown,”but I finally realized, “no body’s got time for that.” (Or at least this mom of many… 🙂 It’s the downside of this new Pinterst Perfect era we’ve created for ourselves.

Most of the times, my meals taste amazing, but aren’t always pretty. Our family has eaten Crock Pot Angel Hair Chicken so many times since then, but by the time we finish, my kids have gobbled it up. I finally gave up, so here’s to real life and what this meal will actually look like when you serve it.

Amazingly delicious, but brown. 🙂 Even your picky eaters should enjoy this one! Remember to make extras, this is one of those recipes where it’s even better then next day.

(For those that are wondering what has happened to 10 Minute Dinners, I am developing a game plan to really focus my energies on it this year, but it means I need to hire contributors. I am still working on that, but it’s my goal for 2014. I can’t wait!)