Over the years, I’ve shared many ways that our family saves money on meats without sacrificing taste or my sons’ need to feed their carnivore selves, but one thing I have never implemented outside Thanksgiving week was to purchase turkey legs.

That is completely changing. Turkey Legs have been overlooked for too long.

My new Turkey Leg crock pot recipe addiction began when my favorite grocer’s meat man eyed me as he was closing down his department for the night. He asked if I wanted these packages.  Yes, he knows my money saving nature too well, and already knew my answer. Even though I had no idea what he was holding, I said, “Of course,” and  he slashed each package to only $1.

Since that evening, I’ve noticed that turkey legs are often marked down. I think it’s probably because typical consumers wonder what in the world to do with turkey legs?

Now believe me when I say you are going to want to search out inexpensive turkey legs and put them in your crock pot. What will occur is the most moist meat, and “fall off the bone” culinary delight which took you only minutes to prepare.

This is a perfect C.O.S.T (cook, once, serve twice or three times) Cooking meal.

I made it for the first time during my Pantry Challenge and I literally was rushing out the door in the morning and had two minutes to throw it together.

I sprinkled the turkey legs with seasoning salt, filled the slow cooker with my two packages of turkey legs, poured one cup of water in the crock pot, dumped in a can of cream of mushroom soup, a dash of Worcestershire sauce and cooked on low all day.

I came home to delicious turkey that literally was falling off the bone it was so good. It was a bit tedious to separate all the meat from the bones, but I wanted to make soup the next day, so I just dumped it all through a colander and that was a snap to do.

What I realize with this recipe is that you can experiment how ever you want. You are always guaranteed very moist meat each time, with various flavors based on what seasonings you choose.

Enjoy this incredibly inexpensive, 5 Minute Meal.