(explanation of the DIY coffee bar below)

I am quite sure that one of my love languages comes in a hot, brown liquid form.

So when my niece had an amazingly creative party idea, and offered not only a coffee bar, but a Create Your Own Blend coffee bar, at her wedding reception, I think I could have hung out there all night long.

Often, it’s just the little extra things that make guests amazingly happy, and we forget that creative party ideas don’t have to cost a lot.
My son and nephew decided to take advantage of this coffee bar, and they definitely came into their own as they graduated to Hazelnut Lattes, but my poor, sweet mother….
was desperately trying to figure out the “Starbucks” type lingo.

Do you remember the first time you ever tried to order a fancy coffee? Come on, think back…it really did seem like a foreign language, didn’t it?

So when my mom took her first sip, made a grimace, and then whispered, “Why doesn’t mine taste like yours?” it was awfully cute.
The gentleman barista could tell we were in deep contemplation, and fixed it up just right. Nothing that a shot of hazelnut and whip cream couldn’t fix.
All was good in coffee world again. 🙂
The “Create your own blend” coffee table offers a unique party twist for any occassion.

At the end of the tables were large canisters of instant decaf and/or regular granulated coffee.

The guests were able to choose a bag, fill it with the black coffee, and then picky their choice of powdered flavorings. The powdered flavors were varying coffee creamer flavors.

DIY Coffee Bar with party favor bags to make your own unique blend.

Every guest left with their own perfect blend of coffee to enjoy days later.
I chose cookies and cream (at the request of our children), and can’t wait to enjoy it in my special teacup. 🙂

 Creative Party Ideas: Coffee Bar

As I sip my morning coffee, I will spend time praying for the newlyweds and all the beautiful, yet challenging, transitions that come with those first months of marriage.

Again another fabulously unique, yet frugal way to make any type of party extra special.
Try a coffee bar and coffee blend party favors…I know they will be a huge hit!


Make Your Own Coffee Bar Great for parties and weddings