One of the growing new trends in weddings is the elimination of the traditional wedding cake. By going a bit trendy, more thrifty, and pouring forth a lot of creative DIY juices, you can make a spectacular statement with a cupcake tower.

I am proud to say that my brother tackled the Do it Yourself (DIY) project of the decade last weekend.

As my niece browsed cake ideas on-line, my brother’s “I can do this even better, and save money” juices kicked into full gear.

Yes, my friends, he saw, he sawed, he sewed….he conquered. πŸ˜‰

Capturing the height, depth and class of this stand wasn’t possible with my camera, but it made a beautiful statement.

Thinking ahead on the specific details made it possible to slide the decorative 2×4’s in and out to switch out the fabric for a variety of uses.

And, of course, the gorgeous bridesmaid dresses were a deep brown to match the cupcake stand fabric.

The beauty of the decorative sides is the versatility.Β  How wonderful to know that next summer’s anniversary party might be accented in greens, and all this hard work can easily accommodate that change. You can bet all the other nieces were clapping in glee when he mentioned that this was built for everyone to use.

But don’t even ask, he’ll say “no.” πŸ˜‰

We already tried to get him to sell these…

Now if cupcakes aren’t your thing, please brainstorm with me for a minute.

I think there could be tons of unique ways to use this…mini dessert plates set around the tiers, flowers, appetizers…what else?

Martha Stewart Monogram Cupcake




All I can say is, “Martha Stewart, move on over…”

Now this, my dear eldest brother, is a very GOOD thing. πŸ™‚