Do you know how often I make a small change within my home and then think, “Why in the world did I not do that sooner?”
Well, this is definitely one of those moments. It’s not something original or extraordinary, but quite often it’s “the little things that are the big things,” yet we don’t take the time to make it happen.

A few years ago, I bought this beautiful hutch. Well, honestly, it wasn’t too beautiful when I bought it and that’s why I only paid $5 for it. But I could see the gorgeous carvings and spindled legs and knew with a quick coat of paint, it would be a perfect trash to treasure TV stand.
The nasty brown, dirty wood had not been shown any lovin’ for a long time, so I brought it home, cleaned it up, painted it a yummy yellow and then white washed over the color til it was the perfect accent color against my green walls. (Can you tell I rushed the post and took the pictures at 11:45 tonight? It just doesn’t capture the subtle shade at all, but I have no patience to wait til tomorrow. )

The door was slightly warped, yet it had such dynamic character that I could barely stand to take it off. But I finally did.
It needed to be put down, poor thing…may it rest in peace in our burn pile…

and so I added this $0.25 tension rod that I bought at a yard sale. Draping this free yard sale swatch of fabric across the rod, created the perfect hiding space for our stereo. No sewing, no fussing…just do it. 🙂

Isn’t this just the yummiest fabric ever? I just want to roll around in it or eat it for breakfast, I love it so much.
But it’s one of those fabrics that I could never in good conscience invest in since a few yard would cost more than my entire wardrobe for a year. 🙂 So I gaze at this fabric and appreciate the fact that this wonderfully sweet, rich lady gave me all her samples at a yard sale when she redecorated her home. 🙂 You’ll be seeing more of these fabrics.

In minutes, my stereo was creatively concealed, and I think, “Why in the world did I not do that sooner?” It was a virtually free redo that took merely minutes.
Is there something in your house that you have been putting off that would just take a few minutes but make a huge difference? You can do it.

I know all you truly nosy people are wondering why I an not showing the whole hutch, right? Well, then I would have to show you my bedlam moment when I shoved all the phonics and math games in the corner behind the coach/hutch so that my visitor would not see them when they walked in unexpectedly. Looking straight on, they’re completely hidden from view.
Yep, another form of creative concealment that I am not too proud of. I’ll put it away tomorrow. 🙂
Did you know that clutter is a sign that your life is out of control?
Yep, I heard it on HGTV from where all real wisdom stems.
I jest, but I am really working on that (everything has a place, and all that jazz).
So until I find a place for those games, I’ll just stare a few more minutes at my happy colors.
This swatch forms the basis for the color palette in my great room and kitchen. It’s been yellow and green with all white accents for a long time.
Inspired by this, I will slowly be adding in hints of light blue/turquoise as well. I can’t wait to share the surprises as I find them on my treasure hunts.

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