bread dough over rising
It’s been “one of those” weeks for me, and that is an understatement. A multitude of bedlam moments struck full force causing untold damage that is so unbelievably blog worthy, I can’t even stand it. For the sake of protecting parties involved, I’m not posting it (but wow, it’s so incredibly tempting.)
So when I woke up to this “three loaf” bag of frozen bread dough this very morning, I just chuckled, took a picture, and knew that it was a reminder of the choices I have this Thanksgiving week.
Rhodes Frozen Bread DoughLadies – Bedlam will strike this week, and we have a choice. We can either react or respond.
Turkeys will not be thawed in time. Pies will burn. Company will be late. Kids will throw up. Kids will fight. Dogs will throw up. Dogs will fight (well, maybe just my dogs.). Grandparents will lose their patience with said kids and dogs. Jokes will be misunderstood. We will be misunderstood. Our food may be misunderstood. Our new recipe may not be enjoyed….
This list could continue for awhile, but I think you get the point. But guess what? Amongst this all, we can find beauty in the midst of those bedlam moments.
So when your turkey is dry, and your tablescape isn’t what you want it to be, it’s OK. When your bread dough over flows onto the ground, just laugh, so you don’t cry, and remember me whispering that you have a choice: to take a deep breath, and JUST LAUGH. Enjoy the beauty in the midst of the bedlam. (But please make sure you take a picture and share it with me next week.)
Would you care to join me?
Have you ever had a food related “bedlam moment” on Thanksgiving?
I really could use a good laugh if you don’t mind me laughing with you, not at you. 🙂

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