cooking with kidsOur seven year old daughter is metamorphosing into a regular ole”foodie.”
I’ve walked into our room three different times this week and she has been engrossed in the Food Network. I guess if your child sneaks TV without permission, at least it’s done with a great choice.
She’s been hooked on this new show called, The Worst Cook in America, and is determined she will out cook all of the contestants.
Giving your child free reign in the kitchen has immeasurable benefits that will come to fruition over and over again throughout the years. Yet, by giving your children the freedom to really learn to cook, prepare yourself for added patience. Cooking with kids will go hand in hand with a few pitfalls.
Yesterday, we met one of those patience builder moments. Mess!
You wouldn’t believe how far finely chopped carrots can fly when flipped at full force. That’s when I take a deep breath, realize it’s all part of the beautiful, messy, love being in the kitchen with my kids process, and enjoy every minute of her foodie excitement while it lasts.
Remind me of that the next time the onions, potatoes or carrots fly, ok? 🙂

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