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Day in and day out, we desire to instill character in our children. Day in and day out, it’s a challenge that is worth it.
I reflected on my time  in the kitchen this past week, and realized that the hidden life lessons found together cooking are often those that just happen – unintentional, unprompted, unplanned, and unrehearsed. We started baking our muffins, but then ended with my eldest daughter whipping up some of her yummy cheesy noodles for lunch. They were both a hit, but it really wasn’t about learning to cook in the kitchen, it was about what happened in between all those moments captured in the pictures.

  • We learned that too often sharing doesn’t come naturally, but when we practice it, joy flourishes.
  • We learned that attitudes are a choice. We all have that choice…but what we decide to focus on is our own.
  • We learned that often, paying attention to the small details in life are necessary to avoid disaster, but sometimes, it’s all about flexibility. It’s knowing when to implement each effectively where the lesson is learned.
  • We learned that instant gratification isn’t long lasting, but practicing patience while waiting for that special moment to come is where true character is honed.

The hidden life lessons that come from spending time in the kitchen is priceless. The work is worth the hidden rewards.
(I have to continually remind myself  of my own cooking life lessons. Yes, even when it’s just me, all by myself, letting the noodles overflow for the tenth time. :))
Have you learned any life lessons in the kitchen lately?

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