I admit it. It has taken me nearly eighteen years of mothering to finally get my act together when it comes to regularly scheduled dental visits.

For years, as a young mom, I would hide my head in shame when I walked into the dentist’s office. It was so hard to get there regularly. Since our first four children were born within five and a half years of each other, I would trot them in nice and orderly, bribe them with a “treat” if all went well (yes, I understand the irony of that), and pray that these stair step children would garner me just a bit of sympathy when it came to my evaluation time at the end of their visit.

But no, each time I would leave the dentist’s office, I would feel like I had just been brought to the principal’s office.

You know how the dentist always give you a little progress report card at the end of the visit? Well, at least one of our children always had a big red, “unsatisfactory” on the brushing and flossing portion, and yet the one, little stinker sweetheart of my children who was the worst at brushing, always got the “excellent.” How is that fair?

I realize as a mom of multiple children, our teeth are all so different, and my one sweet blessing who is the most diligent has a mouth full of cavities that would rival your local jeweler.

Do you have one of those children? A child with the soft teeth that just serve as a magnet for cavities? No matter how careful she would brush with her manual toothbrush, at every single dental visit, she would have another cavity. She would be so frustrated because she felt as if she just couldn’t get to the spots they were telling her too.

So here’s one of my many dental failure confessions. I could not get around to monitoring all five of our children twice a day for the last decade. nope, it just didn’t happen. As much as I would encourage, remind, and attempt to guide them, they were somewhat on their own.

Fortunately, with age, our daughter’s cavities are slowing down, but when I was challenged to switch out our manual toothbrush for Arm & Hammer’s Spinbrush ProClean, I knew exactly who would beg to use it, our 12 year old daughter.

In fact, when she opened it, she exclaimed how “sweet and cool” it was. Yes, in our family, the little pleasures in life go a long way. 😉

Since I promised to switch out our manual toothbrush, I am thrilled to read up on the data shared that states it removes up to 70% more plaque from teeth with its Dual Action Technology. That makes sense because it can be so much more specific in getting to those hard to reach places. I wish I had this option when my big guys were younger.

It’s also a good thing that I found a $2 off coupon because as soon as my 12 year old started using the Spinbrush, our 8 year old determined that she really should have one as well if it was so much better. And you know, she’s right.

So, am I the only confessor of dental visit failures?

What do you dislike most about manual toothbrushes?

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