My deep question for the day is “can an inadiment object” build my character? How can something like a computer cause such strong emotions like anger, frustration, remorse, sorrow and discontent? Considering that somehow over the weekend this laptop picked up some yucky sickness, it won’t allow me to post, comment, load pictures or hang around with friends that do. Can’t even edit!!
Ugh!! So, since I have taken 30 minutes just to type this and can’t even see it…I will choose joy and remember that there are REAL issues in the world. Marriages are suffering, children are sick and there are important reasons that I should be on my knees in prayer, not just so I can post on my blog. Thus, the harried homestead’s events of last evening where China and the US came together under extraordinary circumstances will have to wait, and I will revel in the truth that we serve an unbelievable God who meets us right where we need to be at just the right time. What happened in our home last night is a showing of God’s faithfulness…fully devoted, fascinating, fun and forever!