In one week, I will be packing my bags for a journey that will surely change my life.

As many of you know, three years ago, I had the privileged of heading to South America to bring my precious nephew with Down’s Syndrome home to his forever family.

It was a life giving week, and one which has shaped how I do Life (with a capital L) with others.

My heartstrings have been forever tangled with the children of South America, so when asked to join the Peru team, and help raise awareness for the children of that region, I couldn’t help but anticipate the honor of sharing through word and pictures more of that unending joy that our sweet Edison brings.

Knowing that just one family, one donation, one sponsor can change the generational legacy of families there, I couldn’t refuse.

I am nervous, excited, passionate, exhausted, emotional, honored, humbled, yes, I have a whole slew of other emotions that could fill the page.  Thrilled beyond words to be joining such a special team of bloggers, I ask you to partner with us in prayer as we head out early next Monday morning. I will be live blogging from Peru for the entire week, and know that my eyes will be opened to so many things as I share.

If you feel so led, please share about our trip or feel free to use the buttons to spread the word.

As I sponsor through compassion, it’s a blessing to take part in releasing just one more child from poverty.

(To read more about my trip that softened my heart, don’t miss – This Picture Says it All. If you are interested in how my brother and sister in love decided to adopt a special needs child, continue here.