I sit in the stands at my son’s game.

Families, women, men, children from all walks of life. I people watch because it’s what I love to do with groups of people.

Imagining their back grounds. Wondering about family dynamics. Quantifying a total stranger’s life based on first impressions, based on dress, based on body language.

It’s one thing to do in a crowd of strangers, but as women, why can’t we get away from this in our daily lives.

We become engrossed in the comparison game, and often, we don’t even realize its ramifications.

The problem with this most aggressive of competitive games is there is never a win. I’m screaming this from the STANDS – there is NEVER a WIN!

The more we compare ourselves to others, the more we lose.

Negative emotions escalate – jealousy, inadequacies, longings, discontent. How easily those grow.

It’s a bitter battle, I tell you, and especially, as we roam the blogosphere, that discontent can spread.

How can one small quality take root and bring such lingering consequences?

When those moments hit me like that, I fight back.

I fight with the truth. His Truth defeats the lies.

Sweet friends, you have been uniquely created to be you!

There is no one that can bring the personality, creativity, love and gifts that the Lord has given you, except you.

When we continually compare ourselves to others, and imagine life is greener on the other side, joy is stolen. But when we embrace who God made us and choose joy in the every day, our lives impact those around us.

Often, we don’t even know it, but the simple act of understanding and resting in the truth that we are “Good enough” leads to a joy mentality that permeates those around us.

That is the aroma I want to share. That is why I choose to write on 31 Days of Good enough Things.

Releasing ourselves from the bonds and shackles that mock us and whisper, “You are not good enough,” frees us to experience life to its fullest.

Sweet ladies – We measure up! We are enough! Just the way we are!

Now that is not to say there aren’t areas in my own life that I continually need to work on and improve, because there definitely are – daily!  But the beauty of understanding His truth means that nothing I can do, say, make or blog about will increase or change the way the Lord sees me because in His eyes, I am more than enough.

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What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.
Ralph Waldo Emerson