Pardon my dust. If it’s not at home, it’s right here on my blog.
It’s 2:49, and I am heading to bed, but just wanted to invite you to come take a peek at the new look. It’s still has that same Balancing Beauty and Bedlam feel, but with a few new features, and easier navigational tools, which I will highlight once they are completed. My latest post will always be located right at the top, but for those of you who like the traditional blog view that I had previously, just click on the word blog, right at the top. 🙂
We ran into a few glitches, so it’s still a work in process as I continue to categorize posts and add a little necessary spit shine to the place, but if we would all wait for me, it would NEVER get done. I do believe I announced three weeks ago it was going to be up the “next day.”
As always, many thanks to my ever wonderful friend and designer, Joy, of Five J’s, for continuing to attempt to teach this non-techie girl a thing or two around the web.