Clutter Countdown begins now! Come join us. Just 15 minutes a day with revolutionize our homes. Let's hold each other accountable.

Clutter Countdown begins now! With just 15 minutes a day, we’ll revolutionize our homes and encourage each other along the way.

It’s time. It’s past time.

For over two years, I’ve had this cute little Clutter Countdown graphic sitting in my blog drafts, but I’ve always found something else more important to commit to because deep down, I was skeeeeered (scared. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

It’s so hard for my Type Z, throw caution to the wind, personality to commit to something I’ve been trying on and off to conquer for years, yet I know that the best way for me to make changes is when I am held accountable to the very thing that is in my area of weakness.

As I peruse all the beautiful and information packed organizing blogs available, ย typically, there’s a theme. It’s the naturally organized, “everything has a place” kind of gurus attempting to guide those that struggle. ย We need those people in our lives. They continually amaze me with what they are doing, but often, I’m defeated before I begin because I could never fully wrap my brain around the Organizational Credo: “When in doubt, throw it out.” I don’t intuitively think like that.ย 

Really, throw it out, but what if I need it? I just know that next Saturday after I donate it to Goodwill, I am going to need that two tiered, double converted, solar powered, chocolate and cheese fondue pot gifted on my wedding day and then I am going to regret that decision. I mean, I searched Amazon and those things sell for $75, so how can I just give it to someone else?

Can I hear an AMEN??

So here’s the deal!!

I am a gold mine of organizational information. I understand that our organizational process affects how we function. Our homes, offices, and schedules reflect and encourage who we are, what we want and where we are going.

I have at least ten organizing books gracing my shelves, folders of clipped magazine articles from the last ten years and quite frankly, I could give a workshop on this topic that could rival the Presidential Address, but I can just never quite cross the finish line.

Yes, I have a plethora of excuses for not tackling the hard disorganized areas of my home, but that’s what it is, CHOICES! It’s about the little day to day choices- choices of my time, my attitude and my priorities.

Iย ย need to retrain how my laid back personality naturally thinks about organization and if you’ll join me, we’ll begin with baby steps.

If you are reading from a place of clutter in your own life, let’s do this together!

It seems overwhelming, doesn’t it? And I have often thought, ” I just don’t know where to start,” but that’s what we are doing – STARTING – TOGETHER!! We can do this, don’t put it off any longer.

Don’t tell yourself you are too tired, ย or too busy. ย Just say “yes” because when the holidays hit, you will be so thrilled you did. ย Doing this together makes all the difference.

I get this. I live this struggle and so the daily 15 minute tasks we do together will be from that understanding. ย There will be no complex organizational system to learn. I will live blog this right along with you, so there won’t be pretty stock photos, but you’ll see the nooks and crannies of my mess and what I’m tackling. ย I hope you will be encouraged to stay the course.

I’ve invited a few professionals to help along the way too and I’ll note them later, but for 31 days over the next six weeks, I am committing to 15 minutes a day. That’s it. If someone tell me an hour, which realistically is the minimum of what I need, I run the other way, but 15 minutes, I can do that. I can begin new habits and bring my family along with me.

Since I am traveling in October, I won’t post 31 days straight on the blog, but I will be issuing our daily challenges both here and/or on my Balancing Beauty and Bedlam Facebook, so make sure you check in with FB every evening chiming in with what you accomplished. I’ll share my before and after pictures of our 15 minutes.

Are you in?ย 

Are you ready to just start?ย 

Please don’t make me do this all by myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

Join me for this Clutter Countdown: 15 Minutes a Day to revolutionize our homes and begin a new habit.