Homemade chocolate toffee is synonymous with Christmas baking and homemade gift giving, but in my opinion, candy making is difficult. I don’t do well having to watch that candy thermometer at all. Some brilliant person made a homemade copy cat toffee recipe using Saltines Crackers, and with only five ingredients, it’s a winner.
For years, this delicious recipe has made it’s rounds with a variety of names –  Chocolate Bark, Saltine Cracker Candy, or just “that yummy chocolate saltine cracker recipe” suffices.
Whatever it is that you would like to name it,  just make it and try it because it’s sure to become a family food tradition. I remember my mother making it, and hopefully, my children will have fond memories of us making it in the kitchen as well.
Don’t worry if Saltines sound odd to you, just trust me on this decision, but you could use Ritz Crackers for this Toffee treat as well. No one will have a clue…and wow,  they are VERY addictingly (is that a word?) delicious. 😉