Chocolate Chip cookies stuffed with extra chocolate. Oh my!

Don’t we all have a day now and then when all the kitchen fairies align on our side and a small little change in a recipe ends up being a new Rock Star moment?

It’s rare, but it happens and then you celebrate and tell everyone you know because you can’t imagine why you haven’t done this more often.

And the great thing is that it’s more of a “concept” than a true recipe, so you can apply it in a ton of different ways.

But don’t worry, I’ll give you the recipe too.

Take your favorite cookie recipe and add a surprise touch!

While I’m adding a “make it all homemade from the goodness of your sweet kitchen” recipe down below, you can elevate a store bought cookie dough mix and no one will know.

I won’t tell, if you won’t. Chocolate Stuffed Cookies! I mean really. 

They’ll think you’re amazing. (Well, you are already amazing, but maybe not always in the baking department. Now you will be.)

You can use sugar cookie, peanut butter, or chocolate chip cookie dough. Just pick your favorite and then tuff it with some of your favorite fillings. I know, I know. Why haven’t we always been doing this?

What I did here was use a basic cookie dough recipe and then I added just a tad of chocolate frosting to the middle. That’s why it oozes. If you like that ooze effect, you can add a little solid hot fudge too – so so yummy.

To make this gourmet worthy, I added a cookie to a bowl and then topped with some ice cream and drizzled a little chocolate sauce on top.

Yes, my college guys are coming home this coming weekend and we need to whip up some more since these were gone in a heart beat.

Here is the original Chocolate Stuffed Cookie recipe that I’ve played with. It’s the best in chocolate surprises for sure because it calls for stuffing the cookie dough with a Hershey Kiss.

It doesn’t ooze the way chocolate frosting, sauce or hot fudge does, so it’s less messy. If I substitute with hot fudge, then I do chill the cookie dough first. Instead of flattening the dough like I do when I use a Hershey Kiss, I make a small “muffin cup” of cookie dough, put a tad of solid hot fudge in the “well” of the cup and then take additional dough to cover it. It makes a slightly bigger cookie than your traditional ones.

Take your cookies up a notch with a surprise of chocolate stuffed in the middle.