The best flavors for the pizza lover mixed with chicken.

Our family eats a lot of chicken breast and our family eats a lot of carbs. I started playing around with this recipe when I was eliminating various carbs from my diet, but my family still wanted meals packed with their favorite flavors.

Since we tend to eat pizza more than I’d ever care to admit, I knew that using our favorite pizza toppings, plus blending them with this great lean protein just might be a hit.

It was!

Since then, I’ve used this base recipe, added, subtracted and just had fun using whatever favorite toppings we had on hand.

If you love mushrooms, add them. We love onions, so I use two. If you hate green peppers, don’t think twice about kicking them to the curb. This Chicken Pizzeria is yours to experiment with and once you do, let me know your favorite flavor combination.

Blend the flavors of your favorite pizza with this delicious chicken. Chicken Pizzeria

Head on over to see my Build Your Own Pizza Bar post. It will give you lots of culinary inspiration for this recipe and anything I’ve listed is fair game to use in this recipe. This recipe only serves a family of four, so obviously, I double it since it’s delicious the next day as well. Since I wanted to make sure that this met my 10 Minute Dinner guarantee,  I halved the chicken breasts and laid them in the pan, but you could easily use chicken tenders or slice the breasts in smaller portions if you desire.

One of our favorites - chicken pizzeria

Enjoy our Chicken Pizzeria and have fun creating.