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As many of you know, I’ve spent the last six months punching out every story and thought and detailing my heart for imperfect, every day hospitality with 60,000 words (yes, you read that correctly – 60K words)

In this day and age of so much virtual interaction, don’t we all just love and appreciate being warmly welcomed and invited to someone’s home? It’s truly a gift.

I’m passionate about the importance of gathering people together in community and since my book, Just Open the Door, won’t be out until April 2018, I want you to have immediate inspiration. (And right now, I’m all out of words. Shocking, I know.  ;))

It’s an honor and joy to share one of my best blogging friend’s books, Simple Gatherings: 50 Ways to Inspire Connection. 

Melissa and I have been friends for nearly ten years and we share the same heart beat for hospitality. We understand that you don’t have to have impressive culinary skills, a perfect house, a large budget, or elaborate decorations to host a festive and welcoming gathering.

Guests tend to remember these four elements of a gathering: the feast, the conversation, the atmosphere and the special touches.

Sometimes, I’ve printed my cute, free banners, added flowers to mason jars, bought treats (gasp), served coffee and it was the best of times.  Just be willing to open your door and I guarantee that Melissa offers simple ideas to make a gathering in your home feel special and memorable.

It’s so much easier than you think. Truly!

Simple Gatherings create cozy home

solve the shoe dilemma

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Simple Gatherings is truly a feast for the eyes with beautiful pictures alongside simple encouragement and tips for creating a warm and welcoming home, party decorating, cleaning, setting up creative tables, themes and reasons to gather as well as helpful tips for hosting and preparing the event.

 It’s a lovely read filled with lots of inspiration. I’m excited for you all to get your hands on it and with the holidays coming, it’s a great gift idea! Order it wherever books are sold or through Amazon. 

 Here’s my party personality and it was spot on. What’s yours? I’d love to hear.

You’re a carefree, laid-back hostess who is most likely to throw casual, impromptu gatherings. You love to invite others to come as they are at the last minute, and you don’t fret over the details or presentation.

Being prepared and considering the finer details of decor and party ambiance may not be your natural tendency, but staying connected is your specialty.

Planning an intentional gathering might feel a bit overwhelming or out of your comfort zone. But even the most spontaneous of gatherings can be extra special and memorable with just a few advanced preparations.

Basic party to-do lists can be your best friend because they won’t squelch your free-spirited style, and they can prepare you to take your gatherings to a new level of festivity without added stress.

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