There’s nothing I appreciate more than a homemade carrot cake with an easy cream cheese frosting. Knowing all the love that went into shredding those carrots, measuring the spices and whipping that cream cheese makes it ever so much more sweet, but then you have days that your momma warned you about.

Days when 30 people storm your front door and you’re not ready for them. Days when you’ll have to put aside your idea of shredding those carrots and don the “whatever it takes” apron.

Those are the days when you pull out this recipe because I am not too proud to admit, I have those days.

Yep, more often that not.

And instead of slamming the door on my guests in hopes that they have the wrong day, I proceed to take these glorious muffins out of the oven, inhale the delicious aroma permeating from the entire kitchen and hide the box from which these muffins got their jump start.

Because if you won’t tell them, I won’t, and none will be the wiser.

And if you have a few extra minutes, then by all means, throw in a few extra shredded carrots or raisins or even top with some frosting because these are “Homemade Carrot Cake Muffins.”

I mean they were made in your home, weren’t they?

So what delicious goodies are you cooking up in you kitchen this week?