I have always wondered about the moms who have time to take a luxurious Calgon bath.
I want it, I crave it,
but truly, it doesn’t need to be Calgon….a huge vat of this chocolate would be just fine.
I don’t care about the calories, the repercussions, or the people that wonder if I have lost my mind, but in lieu of it being Monday…take me AWAY!!
In the background, I have a middle schooler screaming, “No” and moaning at the top of his lungs. It sounds like he is dying, and my only thought it that he is being tortured by an elder brother.

Yep, it’s been confirmed…he is now screaming for me, “Mom, I am being tortured!”

I am now handling this in the most mature, God fearing, character building way I know how….matching him tone for tone, not getting off my bootie like I know I should, but instead yelling from the computer, “Knock it off – now.”

Alas, such an amazing home school mom I am.
Mother of the Year, I do think I have been crowned,
and just think….it’s only Monday!

Don’t you just love real time when I can type a post in five minutes to share bedlam with my friends. Yep, I was supposed to finish my creative meal planning post…well, tomorrow.

(And if my sweet hubby reads this anytime soon, don’t worry…I’m dealing with it – can’t wait for you to get home…hee hee xoxo