I’ve determined that I am bringing the pressure cooker back, and I think we’re all going to jump on this food train. (Although for many of you it never went anywhere.)

Yes, that kitchen tool that typically has us all hiding in the corner for fear our foods may explode on impact will most likely become our most loved appliance, especially with my new Ten Minute Dinner journey. And if anyone could have chicken and sauce splattered on the ceiling, it would occur in my home, trust me…bedlam.

It’s hard to think any appliance will come close to to my Kitchen Aid and Crock Pot, yet from what my inside sources have shared, even the Crock Pot won’t hold a candle to the ease in which foods are cooked in my pressure cooker.  With everything from meats, poultry, beans, rice, grains and even dessert sauces, pressure cookers get it done in literally minutes, instead of hours. This is all second hand info, of course. I talk a big game, but I haven’t purchased one yet, so I need your help.

Pressure cookers have changed dramatically through the years, which is why I now am ready to purchase one. Since I know my personality too well, all the food “babysitting” I would have had to do on the older models would not have been a good match for me, but the new ones have wonderful safety features that eliminate those issues.

But, which pressure cooker should I buy?

There are cookers ranging from $30 – hundreds. I am willing to invest in a quality stainless steel model, since I know it will be a worthwhile invest and last for years, but I do not know where to start. There are so many features and choices, from stove top models, to stand alone ones (which I’ve heard takes a bit longer).

Please chime in if you have any knowledge of pressure cookers. (Or even funny stories about the pressure cookers of old. I am sure there are a few out there.)

If pressure cookers are new to you, I will report back once I purchase one and start experimenting with them because honestly, for those of us wanting healthy, homemade meals on the table in minutes, the pressure cooker is going to be another secret weapon to making that happen.

For me,  it’s just one more thing to “learn,” and I’m sure you know the feeling, I’ll do the researching for you and let you know what I find out.

So, what are you favorite things about a pressure cooker? What do you make in yours or what tips and tricks have you heard to aid in my research?

Thanks for joining us for Tasty Tuesday Parade of Foods.

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