Are you getting tired of the bulk baking thing?
Have I talked you into giving it a try yet?
What are you waiting for?
Well, since my Blissdom pics arent’ up yet (they are now with some thrifty designer outfits), you’ll have to wait a bit longer.
In continuation of my bulk baking day (click here for the how, why, and when if you’re new to all this), I bring you marvelously, moist muffins.

My kids love muffins for breakfasts and snacks, but declared these could have been more marvelous if I had just stuck to all white flour.
One of my goals for our family is to get more nutrients into our baked goods through whole grains, so these muffins were mixed with half white flour and half freshly milled wheat flour.
I didn’t use a special recipe; I just substituted half wheat flour for the white.
Muffins are filling, nutritious, and freeze well.

On many mornings, the kids want to grab something on the run.
I love to be able to offer them a variety of thing, outside of the cereal/pop tart realm.
Another option that I have done is to keep some already mixed muffin mix in my fridge.
There are a variety of recipes that will keep well in an airtight container. Then you can just scoop out the muffin mix (just like the cookie dough) and bake on command.
Again, we love the toaster oven for these very things.

I choose apple muffins because I had a half bushel that was calling my name.
I tripled the recipe and made approximately 50 muffins.
Peeling apples may seem overwhelming, but I have two apple peeler/corer/ slicers, and they are worth the investment if you desire applesauce, apple pie or any apple delights be added to your repertoire..
I actually found a brand new Pamper Chef one at my local thrift store…they didn’t know what a jewel they were giving away.
My kids love to peel these for me, and I take them up on the offer
(or make them, if they don’t). 🙂

Now, I could so easily blame this bedlam moment on any one of the kids, and you would be non the wiser, but…..
it was me.
And, I am pretty sure that when the recipe called for me to creme the butters, this is not what they meant.

I hope you are getting inspired to plan a bulk baking day.
Wait…it doesn’t have to be a day,
just a few hours would accomplish multitudes.

While you’re baking, get some rice started, soak some black beans, ground up some beef, and you won’t believe all the things that will be done for the week.
And yes, I freeze my rice and beans into baggies as well. More on that later…..

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