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Alert – Break in our normal programming…
I admit, this is not a good time to have a birthday – smack dab at the beginning of my 31 day kitchen experiment, but it has happened.ย  Frankly, as much as I would like to turn back the clock, it is now 7 minutes past my birthday, and I just didn’t want to much cooking on my birthday.
breakfast in bed
Breakfast began with breakfast in bed made completely by my daughters. It was so sweet. They brought up their specialty – strawberry smoothies, bagels and reheated coffee…(it’s the thought that counts). I chuckled when my daughter exclaimed that she really wanted to make me cheesy eggs but she didn’t know how to turn on the new oven.ย  (Guess the teaching tutorial I gave shortly after that comment?) ๐Ÿ™‚
Birthdays just aren’t the same as an adult, especially on a weekday, but this home school mom took a teacher “work” day while my boys brought up my lap top (making amends for missing out on the prep ofย  breakfast.)
time in bed1
(Do you feel like you really know me now? No fashionista here... just real life, this is what I look like before I get out of bed. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Lunch was “fend for yourself.” Yes, I told you I’d share the reality. This is one of those times that my old adage holds true.ย  Train them while they’re youngย  – it really comes in handy.
You may have realized that I am not really a high maintenance kind of girl. Earlier today I shared that french fries are my favorite food,ย  so is it a surprise that I would desire them for my birthday meal?
Rarely do we eat out as a family. It’s not part of our food budget, rather it comes from our entertainment fund. One of our family’s birthday traditions is that the birthday blessing gets to choose where they want to go out to eat. Eating out is a really special treat.
Ever since we found out Red Robin offers a free gourmet burger ($9.99) for birthdays, that has been a choice hit.ย  (Go to the link and sign up for your birthday burger. They will send you a coupon via email.) People know I love fries, and friends have been telling me about this new restaurant that had unlimited, all you can eat fries – it happened to be Red Robin. YUM! I actually got a salad (and fries) and my hubby ate the burger. Our sweet waitress said that was fine, and I enjoyed my fries even more.
red robin burgers
So, that was my big day…sorry it was anti climatic, but if any of you has a Red Robin Restaurant, go sign up now. Trust me, that will make this post worth it.
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