No Food Waste Week was a huge success in our home, minus the fact that I haven’t updated a post with all my suggestions and your wonderful ideas, but don’t worry, I am still writing it.

I went the entire week without shopping, except to load up on some Boneless, skinless chicken breast for $1.48/lb. Since my price point for that item is $1.99, I could not pass up that sale. We used up every little bit of food, except a few loan stale crackers, which the chickens appreciated. Easter week, I treated our family to Brugger’s Wednesday Dozen bagel deal for only $5.99. I had a $2 coupon from a survey on the receipt, so enjoying those for only $3.99 was delightful.

A few days later, I realized that two of the Cinnamon Crunch bagels had solidified, and any other time, I would have given them to the chickens, but I was determined to use them whether they broke my jaw or not. Creativity took over, as sweet thoughts about my Stuffed French Toast filled my mind. Whenever I have stale bread (and we typically have five or six end pieces that get “overlooked” by the kids, I go for some variation of that recipe, and this time was no different.

I used the food processor to chop up the bagels. (Yes, they were that hard, and it would have been cheap, not frugal, if the blades broke trying to use up my $2 bagels.) I then sprinkled the bagels at the bottom of a greased 9×13. In a separate bowl, I whisked eight eggs, milk and some syrup together, and then poured it over the bagels. Typically, recipes call for letting it sit overnight, but since I was making this at 8:00am, it sat until the bagels were softened. It was a food connoisseur’s miracle. They softened right up, and I then baked it at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Served with some syrup, it was delicious, and the bagels were saved from waste.

Using fruit past its prime is always perfect in pancakes. I’ve started a little gourmet twist, but adding some DaVinci coffee syrup to the batter for a flavorful addition.

Creating some breakfast skillets are always a hit for using up bits and pieces of things, and the kids never know that I am adding on the fly based on what needs to be used up, such as a tiny bit of hard cheese left over – grate and thrown right in. Easter ham that have been used twenty different ways by now receive no flack when diced and thrown in a skillet, alongside some green peppers that were marked down at the produce section due to being a bit wilted. All of these “has beens” together form perfection.
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So how did you do in the No Food Waste department? Did you try anything new?

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