This winter, I really took a step back from my typical thrifting. (Something to do with jam packed storage, and no space for more treasures until I de-clutter some more.)
Yet when I wandering into a tiny, unpretentious thrift store last week, one whose door welcomed “Take an additional 50% off,” I knew it was time to break my self induced spending freeze. This precious antique-ish, turquoise glass bottle beckoned me to take her home, and shower her with my undying love.
So, I gladly did, for just $1.50. Somewhere in this heart of mine, I love to know that a such a small little purchase can bring so much joy. My husband calls me “low maintenance,” but I just think it’s being wide eyed, and full of gratitude for the little things.

I’ve mentioned before that I am slowly collecting vintage, blue, glass jars, yet a $0.25 chipped blue glass brings me just as much joy when it’s a stark reminder of myself.

So, as yard sale season kicks off, I’m on the continued hunt for blue glass ware.
I don’t know. It just makes me happy. Is it weird that a glass bottle makes me happy? Is it weirder that I had just as much fun trying to find the perfect spot for it on top of my $5 white yard sale hutch, next to the $1 yard sale vintage pitcher and white flowers?
Easy amusement, I tell you…you must try it.
And if you need some more incentive in finding and using glassware, check out the entire post and vlog I did (live from Goodwill)…just on decorating with glassware 🙂

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