One of the things that I love most about blogging is the community that can be developed through reading blogs, but mainly through the personal comments that are left at the bottom of the posts.

I used to reply to every single comment, promising to never become “too big” to reply.
My heart still desires this, but the reality of balancing computer time with actually being a responsible mom has come to the forefront.
So let me give you a blogging tip/request. It is possible for you to enable your email in the comments section.
Do you know that every single day I respond to a bunch of commenters, shoot out the email, only to find out you all never received my response? It’s always such a bummer since you may think I ignored you.

When I learned this tip, it was a complete blogging highlight for me. So take a minute right now, and it will make a difference. If you are on Blogger, go to your dashboard and then click “edit user profile.”
Once there, you will see many options, one being “show my email address.” Check that little box.
If you’re nervous about making your email public, just quickly set up a new one through gmail or yahoo. Easy peasey. 🙂

Guess what? Now, when you leave me a comment, I can immediately reply right back to you if you ask me a question, and I will…answer questions, that is.
(Now, if you just leave a comment like “nice outfit,” I’ll probably wait until you actually ask “what thrift store did you get that at?” 🙂

If that option isn’t enabled and you ask me a question, then there is a very real possibility I may not respond because it’s a little odd to go to your site, and leave an answer on a random post.

Also, check to see if you have “word verification” enabled. That is when commentors will have to punch in a bunch of crazy letters. Sometimes I will leave a comment and then have to try a few times, or I just give up. If you’ve never checked…do that now and turn it off. It scares people away from leaving comments.
Don’t worry, in my year of blogging, I have only had one spam comment with it turned off.

Does that make any sense? I hope it does because I want to answer all the questions that come my way.
From talking with other bloggers, this makes the difference between how many people we can respond to each day.

I am no technology guru by any means, but when I first understood I could do this, it made a big difference.
I love hearing from you all, and just love sharing life with you. Thanks for the privilege.

You can always feel free to email me directly if you have something more personal you want to ask. Every once in awhile, things will go in my spam box, so if you don’t hear back from me within two days, please resend it. 🙂