Yep, since I am always a day late…or a week late for that matter,
I am finally getting around to bragging about how awesome connecting in blog land can be.

Now, I realize that you are already aware of this fact or you wouldn’t be drawn to this virtual world, but let me highlight a few of the finest.
One of my favorite things to do is connect with like minded, authentic women.
The blog world is full of them, and it goes completely against my nature to only “know” you through a computer screen.
I have the privilege of knowing a few dynamic bloggers in real life (in fact, we are/were all from the same church, although not everyone knew each other….downside of a big church), and when I found out that Kimba’s sister lived in our town, and that the Spray Paint Guru was coming to our home town…in the flesh….I was all over that.

The End result….ME – The Queen of Forced Bonding organized a brunch with a bunch of blogging beauties! (…hmmm, pondering how my Queen of Procrastination title disappeared immediately for this event)
Trust me – absolutely no forcing or procrastination was necessary to get these ladies together, and if you all lived close, you SO would have been invited.
There are many of you who I WILL meet in real life….
Sitting in the back row is me, Kimba, Jill (who is a dear friend that I sucked into lurkdom…no blog), Emily (seated by the urn),
In front, Lauren (a complete cutie getting married in just a few short days), Kendra (the foodie we all know and love), and the Nester.
And yes, we all used Emily’s group picture since she was the only one who got her self timer working, so if you’ve seen it on a few other blogs….oops.
Since I was going for the alliteration with the Blogging Beauties title and not accolades, I will say that these are all beautiful women…authentic, passionate, down to earth,
and just plain fun to be with.
Our time flew, and not nearly enough stories were shared.
Here are just a few random pics.

Kimba gives a spontaneous tutorial, while Kendra is contemplating how she can spray paint her old cookware.

Here I am smooshed in between two of the sweetest sisters known to man kind. Since I don’t want to embarrass them and gush too heavily, let’s just say that I know things about them through their blogs that just bless the socks off me, and it’s just an extra blessing knowing them in real life.
Can we actually get together a bit more despite our busy schedules?
I believe I was attempting to talk the Nester into doing some bedlam moments for my blog.

She politely declined the bedlam moment, and replied something about just wanting to hide in her decorating cave… hee hee
(And what’s the deal with a new fancy camera if I can’t even figure out the right settings…(sorry for the sea sickness. )

And…. the guest of honor was this fast new friend.
I will tell you though, that I am incredibly upset that I met her because our time together was way too short, and now that we have bonded, I am mourning the fact that I will only get to see her a few times of year.
Have you ever felt that way about someone?
You just know that if you lived closer, they’d be the one you were calling spontaneously for coffee? Yep, that her.
And together we would solve all the world’s problems, since neither of us would actually post anything controversial on our blog. 🙂

Kimba – thank you for being a blessing to so many in blog land!
You are a treasure!