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Should Summer Be Uncomfortable?

Summer is in full swing, and I'm stuck finding the balance of being a fun, spontaneous, and carefree mom and struggling with the daily challenge to purposefully engage our...

My Time on Hallmark’s Home & Family TV Show

Where are the months flying, my friends? I know I've given lip service to this before, but I WILL get back to posting here more regularly. There are so many things on my heart,...

Join Me at Becoming 2019: Create, Inspire, Connect

Come join us July 26 - 28 for Becoming 2019. We have saved you this seat!!  I can't believe I am announcing that registration for our eighth (or is it ninth) annual Becoming...

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Gratitude Rolls: Special Thanksgiving Tradition

Grateful Rolls – This simple tradition is a fun way for your family to express what they are grateful for during your Thanksgiving dinner. As guests arrive have each person write a few things that they are grateful for on small sheets of paper. We always make our special “butter horn” rolls each Thanksgiving,

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Garlic Flank Steak Recipe

Easy on the budget, yet packed with flavor, this Garlic Flank Steak Recipe with only four ingredients is always a crowd pleaser. As I look outside and watch the leaves fall, I can't believe the holidays are right around the corner. It's that time of year when we start...

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Even When It’s Hard

“Mom, I really don’t want you to invite them to our house. Their kids are kind of weird, and I’m not friends with them. It will be just plain awkward. Can’t you just ask the mom? I mean it. Don’t make me do this.” I sat stunned and frustrated and honestly, a little...

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Beautiful Creativity: Fall Flowers Planted in a Pumpkin

When I spied both mums and pumpkins at Aldi for under $3, I knew this festive fall idea must be re-shared. I mean, how cute are these? It will never get old. Last Saturday, some brand new friends joined our family for dinner. As they walked through the door, arms...

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Give Every Dollar a Job: Budgeting

Here's a warm welcome to those visiting from the Hallmark Channel's Home and Family show. We ran out of time for our "fun" fall budgeting segment, but here is a little more info on that dreaded topic - budgeting. Friends, for this Type Z (yes, as opposed to Type A)...

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Easy Tex Mex Chicken Chili Soup

This Easy Chicken Chili soup brings out the Tex Mex lover in all of us. Our family stirs up varying debates. Sometimes topics run deep and introspective, swapping between politics, religion and other politically incorrect table talk discussions, while others, well,...

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As a mom of five blessings and full time family manager, Jen has learned to balance and embrace both the beauty and bedlam of every day life. Her practical, yet tangible, lifestyle ideas encourages others to open their eyes to a “living on less” mentality with hundreds of ideas on living a full life on less money.

She lives it, and invites you along for the journey.

Jen Schmidt

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