I rush in from school and ask my mom, “What’s for dinner.” I’d hold my breath praying it would be one of my favorites and oh my, she did not disappoint.

You must understand, I grew up in a “sticks, twigs and roots,” kind of a house hold. That’s the description we give people now, just so they fully understand how healthy her meal choices were on a regular basis.

No chocolate chip cookies for her little dumplins, it was carob and honey, my friends. So when tuna was bypassed for dinner, and her Best Homemade Lasagna declared its presence, the angels sang on Woodlawn Drive, that’s for sure.

Yes, I close my eyes and once again I’m transported back to the dinner table where I wait “Oh so patiently” as my mom dishes out our much anticipated dinner.

My Mom’s Best Homemade Lasagna can be a dinner choice that people save only for company. I mean why spend so much time on something when Stouffers creates something so delicious, right?

Wrong! Homemade Lasagna is SO much better than store bought and this base recipe of my mom’s taught me the pleasure of this meal.

It’s Pure Comfort Food in our family. I never go by a recipe anymore, since I have such fun playing around with it. Not only do I add minced garlic and grilled onions to my batches now, but I play around with seasonings – a little more garlic salt, onion powder and if I want a little kick of spice, a dash of red pepper flakes. If you like ground pork or turkey, feel free to mix and match meats. Again, any amazing lasagna recipe is a bit forgiving, and I’ve even developed a Whip It Up Quick 10 Minute Dinner version here.

I think that everyone should creative homemade Lasagna absolutely from scratch a few times in their lives, and that means homemade sauce as well.  It’s one of the meals that I require my kids to master before they leave the nest. If they learn to play around with spices while layering meat, sauces and noodles, they are set in the kitchen.

Who says that lasagna is just for dinner anymore? I caught our sweet daughter snagging some for breakfast and just had to snap a quick picture. Yes, she heated that baby up right in the microwave all on her own. 😉

While making Homemade Lasagna from scratch takes a bit more time, I’ve come up with a whole slew of short cuts that will enable you to get that meal in the oven in less than ten minutes. Now that’s what you wanted to hear, right?

Make this one first, and enjoy the full flavors and time spent. Then you can fully appreciate the other.

Check out How to Make Easy Homemade Lasagna over at 10 Minute Dinners .

Remember that lasagna is just as good, if not better, heated up the next day, so make sure you make extras to freeze or share.