What happens when one combines three of their favorite desserts into one bite?

Pure bliss, that’s what.

Pure over the top, I can’t stop eating them bliss. So I should confess that one bite is a bit of a stretch.

Here’s the low down. I love fresh fruit. I love it as a dessert with whip cream or in a cobbler or on ice cream. Yes, fresh fruit is a must!

But then there is shortbread. (Girl Scouts love me.) Have you tried them dipped in milk or even better, dunked in coffee? Oh my!

So when I whipped up this shortbread oat type of crust, I could have pretty much called it a day and just eaten it as is because it’s that good.

What happens when you combine cheesecake, short bread and fresh berries Sheer delight

But no, after the shortbread crust and the fresh (or frozen if you must) fruit, we then poured a cheesecake filling over those two.

Now cheesecake purists, do not dismay, mixing these three together takes my love of this dessert to a new level.

And because I love a bit of tart in my cheesecake, I squeezed tons of fresh lemon into the cheesecake mixture, but this is personal preference, not a must. You will see that I list a varying amount of fruit. If you note the picture above, the fruit doesn’t cover the entire pan fully. That’s because I ran out. I prefer an overabundance of fruit in this dessert, so to fully cover the entire crust, it’s about 4 cups,  but if you want the cheesecake taste to come out more, stick to two cups.

Fresh fruit is preferable, but when snow covers the ground and fresh fruit is running $5/bite, I use frozen or a mixture of both. No need to go into debt for fresh berries. 🙂

Since this needs to be made hours in advance, it’s perfect for gatherings because you can make it the night before, checking one more item off your to do list. The fact that is has such a blend of flavors and textures makes it appear difficult to make, but it’s not. Trust me.

This will definitely be on our Easter meal plan, along with my traditional trifles.

Enjoy!! My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

What happens when you combine cheesecake, short bread and fresh berries Sheer delight