Dear Retail Establishments:

Before hiring a Santa, please ask to see what “said Santa” looks like in his traditional Santa gear.  Not trying to perpetuate the attitude that “looks are all that matter,” but when hired Santa sends children screaming to their mamas, an image consultant needs to be quickly consulted.

Dearest Hired Santa: I know you mean well and all, but you must realize that tinted glasses, especially indoors, are out. Contacts, especially for Santa, are in.

Please note that showing a bit of your jolly, red cheeks is acceptable. The children might even find it appealing to share a warm smile. Hiding behind the overabundance of fake beard…not good.

Also, freely handing out candy canes ONLY  to the children who sit on your lap, and refusing to give this poor, terrified fellow a candy cane because he found you out, is not OK.

In fact, I think the phrase “BAH HUMBUG” comes to mind. Now, Santa, I realize that you may have had a bad day. We all have them, but please save that attitude for Mrs. Claus because there is now a house full of young children debating the fact that you certainly can not be the REAL Santa.

And even though our family typically sticks to sharing the tradition of Saint Nick, any creativity left in their poor imagination has been destroyed.

I’m just sayin’….

Your truly,

Concerned observer

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