Last year, a dream came true in the form of our Becoming Conference . We had the privilege to share our love of all things creative, purposeful and frugal with hundreds of women from around the US.  It’s a weekend designed to encourage women with becoming more intentional in our lives and we just had a blast.

It’s a joy to co-host this with Jenny, and it’s been so much fun to see the enthusiasm and excitement for those who attended last year, and are anxiously awaiting ticket sales for our upcoming Sept. 21 – 22 conference.

In addition to all the amazing speakers and workshops, we have added a new feature on Friday afternoon. It’s an optional hands on, bring your own furniture workshop limited to 50 participants. Additional cost of $50. Details are located here.

Ticket Registration is now open.

To Register:

Registration is open. You may call 1-800-588-7222.

  • You will need the name, mailing address, telephone number and email address of everyone staying in your room.
  • You will be asked to pay a $50 deposit per person at registration.  You are more than welcome to pay the full amount per person, which will speed up check-in that day.
  • Local Rate attendees ($52.20) still need to register to reserve your ticket.

**If you do not know all of your roommates yet, you can still reserve a room, just make sure you call back and add your roommates as you know them.

To Register for the Optional Hands On, Bring Your Own Furniture Classhead over here.  Tickets will also open at 9 am Tuesday July 10th.  There are only 50 spots available!

Below is the cost breakdown of what the conference would cost Per Person based on accommodation choices.

Please know that accommodations vary greatly. We want you to be completely aware of the rooms you are receiving.  You may view the choices at the Ridgecrest site here to see all the specifics.

The Royal Gorge Youth rooms are the only accommodations that sleep 7 or 8, and perfect for those that want an incredibly frugal weekend with a bunch of girls. They house 3 sets of bunk beds and one queen bed, so no bells and whistles, but lots of fun with a great porch and rockers.

We will keep you hopping on Saturday, so many people chose to make this a full weekend. We have received an amazing price with Ridgecrest for extra evenings. You may choose to stay Thursday and/or Saturday evening at an additional cost of only $59/per room.

Room spaces are limited, so please know that you may not receive your first choice, and may need to be flexible.

As you browse the choices, the Deluxe Per Person Conference Rate are for the MOUNTAIN LAUREL & RHODODENDRON accommodations.


I can’t wait to see many of you this September. We have a host of really fun things planned. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments and I will get back to you.