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For most of us, the dreaded “B” word of budgeting shares similar feeling with housekeeping, ironing or quite possibly, finger nails on the chalkboard.
We know saving money is important. We understand that learning strategies on how to improve our budget is crucial. Conceptually, we know living within our means is a necessary part of everyday life, yet we may not always get to it, let alone enjoy it.
In the next 31 Days, my desire is to open up a new way of thinking for many of you, not just in the aspect of budgeting, but in all areas of saving, spending and giving. I want to encourage and empower everyone that reads here to take charge of their personal finances in whatever state they happen to be. Whether you desire baby steps for getting out of debt, creative and practical day to day ideas to reduce spending or even someone whose financial house is in order, yet hope to begin utilizing their acquired money for the greater good, there will be tips, stories and ideas for everyone.
As women, we have been gifted the opportunity to shape our lifestyle, and whether we talk about it or not, money plays a role in this. We all come from varying backgrounds; able to learn and encourage one another on this journey, so my heart is for this to be a place where you can share openly in the comments. Depending on some of the answers to the open ended questions I ask, it will also help me determine some of the addressed topics for this month.
I’m excited to dive into this “touchy” subject, but know we’ll have fun along the way. With topics ranging from budgeting, entrepreneurship and making money from home, the secret lies of money, contentment, saving money in the home on food, fashion and family, as well as a few funny topics related to money, it’ll be a great month.
My goal is to write nearly every day, but I’m still just a mom of five attempting to balance the beauty and bedlam of everyday life. Good thing for you, this is a free resource, so I know you’ll understand if I don’t and fall off the wagon some days. (That was my attempt at a disclosure, since I am not nearly as organized as my co-partners in this month’s endeavor.)
I am thrilled that so many of you are joining in with us, and feel free to link up your topic below, but only if you are committing to write on one topic for the whole month. I know it will be nearly impossible to spend all day reading, so to make sure you don’t miss any of my posts, feel free to subscribe so my daily update is sent straight to your email or blog reader.
So are you in? Are you ready to open up to 31 Days of brainstorming ways to balance both beauty and the budget?
I’d love to hear how you are doing in the journey.
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