If you’re new to my blog, each day I share my experiences of beauty and bedlam.
First – the beauty,
but keep scrolling down because the bedlam is priceless.
There was a terrible thunderstorm that swept through the area while we were at church.
Many people lounged around waiting for the lightening to pass,
and when it did we were greeted with a site to behold.
No, our church doesn’t overlook the Grand Canyon,
but it was a full rainbow that went from one side to the other, just like this one.
I have never seen a complete rainbow, and it was glorious.
“The heavens declare the glory of God,
the skies proclaim the works of His Hands.”
Psalms 19:1
This picture below overlooks the parking lot as the storm cleared.
These are the pictures I took.
I couldn’t capture the full rainbow (and thus the stock photo).
How can anyone doubt a creator?
This magnificence speaks volumes of His majesty!
Now, the drum roll please.
The moment you’ve all been waiting for.

Meet the BEAST of BEDLAM
I had just declared to my older children that we were having such a smooth day…not even a bit of bedlam to report. Then we pulled down the driveway to THIS!
“There’s a deer in your yard,” exclaimed one novice to our bedlam.
Meet Mocha the Menace, I mean, our goat.
You better get out of the way!
Do you notice anything odd about these pictures.
Do you sense something is just a bit ‘off?’
She had been hooked up around a tree in the back woods.
(Please no PETA emails…she is a happy goat…eating lots of poison ivy, and undergrowth).
You see, Mocha’s sister had a sad demise and so we have only one goat.
Now, this may not mean something to most of you,
but let me give you a brief animal husbandry fact…goats are pack animals.
That means if they don’t have another goat friend,
they pack to something else,
and in this case…it’s been us.
Get out of the way…she will head butt you if you ignore her.
She wants to be by us, and uses any means possible.
My nephew had dropped his bike right where the tire popped.
This happened to be in the general vicinity of Mocha.
Mocha tangled the cord around the tree, the bike, and then ripped the branch right off the tree.
I drove down the driveway to a lone goat
dragging a bike and parts of a tree all around the front driveway.
Please try and imagine that.
Goat, bike, tree…all in one!
Can you imagine what the neighbors thought?
Oh, that’s right, the neighbors can’t see us – rats.
Get away from my Hostas…
I am going for the drive by look, right Nester?.
(If anyone could drive by..which they can’t,
and therefore the dead grass everywhere.)
Oh, please notice in the background the fallen trees on…(I mean) near shed.
Yep, definitely curb appeal.
Do you know how many trees we lose each storm?
It gets exhausting.
Yep, this is my life!
Sheer Bedlam, I tell you….
The END!