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How frequently do you stop to relish in the simplistic beauty that surrounds you?
‘Stop and smell the roses,” isn’t just a catch phrase…
it’s a way of life. A choice to make.
It’s about intentionally nurturing our soul, not only through beauty, and building relationships, but through the celebration of the specialness of the moment.

This moment.
Right now, take some time and choose to “smell the roses”…
Here are a few of mine today.

Savoring my final flourishing flowers which adorn my windowsill until the first frost

The intrinsic design of one of God’s exquisite creatures.

This tenacious guy made his way all the way around the flower
until all the pollen was devoured.
I carefully observed as he tugged away on the pistol of the flower, while I photographed him.

Lastly….the happy dance that occurs from Triple coupons.
All this for $20..what more needs to be stated?
Ok, I could tell you that I went back and used 20 more coupons and watched the register go from my final total before coupons of $60…to ahh..should I rub it in? $14 …yes, 14 dollars people!!
But, I won’t even share or show all of that…it would be like rubbing salt in a wound (but I think I even got some salt for 5 cents if you need some). jk

And it just wouldn’t be my life if I didn’t appreciate the simple bedlam moments.
Envision my NC football family on the way to a day jam packed with games.
Listen as 5 year old daughter pleads for a sip of water…no wait, she changes her mind…needs bag…preferably one with no holes.
Hear the upchuck… vomit.. loss of cookies…barf…
Pure bedlam!

My celebration of the moment?
Remember, we’re choosing joy here.
Due to much experience and practice,
I must say that our children are well trained in the art of retching…and…it all went in the bag.
So how about smelling ‘them’ roses?
Ahh…it’s the little things I truly appreciate!

And in case you’re wondering, I really wanted to add that picture for dramatic effect.
It took all the restraint I had not to post it, but someone special is coming my way on Wed, and I would hate to leave a bad first impression. 🙂