So here’s my 30 second question and statement for the day (but knowing me, it may be longer).
Amy, from Living Locurto, made me this adorable little banner thing…for free.
I got a heads up from the Nester that she might be making these, and when I asked Amy “how much” she said for free.
What? How? I later found out that the first 10 people to contact her were getting them for free, and I didn’t even know there was a promotion. Isn’t God good in the little details? Anyhow, I told her I wasn’t picky and she could do what ever she wanted. Yep, my intense design nature really came out in this request. That’s why I haven’t had a blog redo yet. I have saved my little pennies, contacted one person and when she asked what I wanted, I had no idea what to tell her. End of blog redesign until I can come with at least a few sentences besides “I am not picky.” 🙂
Well, Amy, full of creative juices, came back with these two designs. When I eyed the first one, I loved the blend of colors, and the fact it declared my mission. I wasn’t so sure if I should have my big ‘ole head on there, so what did I do? I emailed two of my favorite people, Emily and Kimba, and asked their opinion.

I believe that my email eloquently articulated my question “would people think I am stuck up with my big ‘ole picture on the banner….does it seem too much about “ME?”

Now, when I first sent it to Emily, I didn’t say that the banner was literally the teeny tiny size that is being shown. She thought I meant “banner” as in the great big header at the top of my blog for the whole world to see. See how difficult it is to relegate communication to the computer? I need to work on that, in general. Trust me, when you do see this blog redesign, my monstrous mug will not sit atop your entire computer screen (although some people’s do and I have no problem with that at all. 🙂 So by the time I sent the email to Kimba, I had clarified and explained my self a bit better.
Kimba came back and made some great observations, and after stating that she didn’t want to get too deep over this issue…hee hee….ended with this.
“Anyway, seeing your face is one of the first steps in developing that relationship. It makes people feel like they know you a little, and the tag line shares what we are all struggling with.”

So, I went with it. Since in all reality, it is only a millimeter big, and I guess this blog is a bit about me.
In that evening of deciding what to do, can I tell you how all those feelings of high school came flooding back. It was as if I was right back in the “finals” for the Senior Ball court and found out I didn’t get picked.
What will they think of me? Will they think I am stuck up with my face on the banner? Why didn’t anyone comment? Oh no, they can’t hear my tone of voice, and truly sense my heart. Sometimes blog land can create a bit of that. I know the truths of who I am in Christ. I am confident of what my calling is, yet feelings I haven’t dealt with in years have at times resurfaced. Yikes, this was supposed to be a post on my button, and I am getting all serious on you. I do believe as I type on this Friday morning, this will be a topic on a future post.

So now back to my 30 second post…wink, wink.
I want to have a little button made for my side bar? Should I wait to have my blog redesign which could be…..???? Should I keep my face on it or not?
So the question is: delete or no delete?
And any suggestions on how you decided on your blog (re) design?