Since I’ve been sharing some this week about my guys, Beer Dip and their love of all things football and game day food, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to announce the new campaign I am privileged to share.

When I saw the title, “Men, Easier Fed Than Understood,” I was all over it. If there’s anyone that can connect to that theme, it’s this mom of three high school boys who feels as if most of my time is centered around filling stomachs of multiple children.

My two oldest sons have a group of guys they hang around that they’ve nicknamed their “Bros.” When ever they plan a large chunk of time together, it never fails that I see one of their Facebook updates mentioning something about  hanging with their Bro’s and their “Bromance” time. When I first eyed that odd term, I stalked the source (our eldest) and he explained it’s their crazy way of describing their guy time. The mystery of what they do during that time, I may never understand, but I know that if I feed them well, they will come. We don’t have any kind of man cave yet, but I want them to hang out at our house, so we’re working on fixing that up this year. Now, my focus is on having “guy time” food stocked, and Ball Park has helped more times than I can count in that aspect.

There’s something about being able to have my sons whip up hotdogs at any given second and know that it makes them happy.
Ball Park has a crazy amount of choices. Have you looked at the hot dog aisle lately? I love the variety, including Lower  Fat options, White Turkey Franks,  but I’m especially thrilled that they now offer the Ball Park Deli Style 100% Beef Franks that have no by-products or artificial flavors, which is important to me.

Last time our local grocer had Ball Park on sale, I was able to combine them with a great coupon and stock up.
Snag this coupon now before it reaches its print limit. $1 off/2 Ball Park Franks coupon for any Ball Park Franks product.

I had to share this commercial. It cracks me up since I hear the 99.9% sure thing WAY to often in my house. Yes, 99% sure still mean you don’t know, for sure. 🙂

Do you deal with any crazy guy things in your home or is it only me?

(This post brought to you by Ball Park. The hundreds of packages I have purchased in the past: all me. ;))