It’s hard to believe that the school year is upon us. In fact, our district went back two weeks earlier than our neighboring counties, so the first week is already behind us, and it’s been an emotional roller coaster. I now officially have college, high school, middle school, and elementary aged children. Even though our first four children are only five and one half years apart, the grades fall perfectly like this for a year. Since three of our five are homeschooled, you’d think the typical back to school activities don’t pertain, but alas, they are drawn to fresh new school supplies and clothes just like those that hop on the bus each day.

It’s the first year that I am having to make a school lunch every day, and considering it’s for our very large 17 year old son, it’s been quite a challenge, but I’m up for the task.

He may be nearly a man, but every once in awhile I can love him likes he’s my little boy (because he always will be), and make him feel extra special by tucking something unique into his lunch. You may have a child that rolls their eyes at this idea, but trust me, years from now, they will remember it fondly.

So whether they are pre-school or high school, give it a try.

“Make them smile and let him/her know you’re thinking of them during those long days when they’ve gone back to school. Place a smiling piece of fruit accompanied by a silly note in his lunch bag. Use a nontoxic dry-erase marker to make faces that are safe to eat or purchase a few Food Safe Markers for a few dollars. With a damp paper towel, it wipes right off.

While a smile is always nice, a slumbering fruit with closed eyes is cute, and a jolly face with a tongue sticking out is saucy and fun. Then write a short happy note to include with the fruit, such as ‘You’re apple-solutely fabulous or I’m just bananas about you!’

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